Saturday, May 29, 2010


Some quick thoughts while trying to unsee Reshiram's rather phallic feathers...

... is this the first time Nintendo of America has broken a Pokemon before Pokemon Japan?

... they better have some epic announcements for the hour conference at E3 if they're blowing the release date for Black and White three weeks before on their Twitter? Then again, Killzone 3 got announced by a GamePro cover, so what do I know.

... about 20 other people have said this, but it bears repeating here: The only reason Reshiram is the Black mascot and Zekrom is the White mascot is purely for contrast reasons.

... ReshiRAM. ZekROM. Wanna take bets on how many other legends are going to have technology jokes in their name? Is the Giratina-analog going to be called WenCPU?

... Time to Rule 34 of the female trainer and Zekrom had to be 6 hours, and Reshiram within 20 minutes. Good lord.

... Zekrom's going to be Dark-type or some psychotic new combo that's part Ghost. I don't know about Reshirom, but if one more person suggests this means a Light type, slap them. If a new type was coming it would be shouted from the heavens. I'm leaning toward Dragon/Psychic.

... could they hurry up and announce the final forms for the starters already?

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  1. (Yameneko549 here) Random thing: I never told you or any of the others at Blackjack that I'm a furry. Anyway, you're wrong about the time:

    Zekrom was actually first to get Rule34'd with only 10 minutes, while Reshiram took 15, and the female trainer in 30minutes. I know this due to being a member of a couple of sites (*coughFurAffinitycough*

    Also, the RAM/ROM/CPU joke... I doubt it. RAM (Random Access *Memory*) > ROM (Read Only *Memory*) > something to do with a disc (permanent memory)

    Finally, I call Reshirom being Dragon/Normal type. Don't know why, but it comes off like the type combo it would take.


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