Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HG/SS version exclusives - a Dr. Jack Ramsay special

If you're purchasing only 1 of Heart Gold or Soul Silver, and you haven't decided which one based on nostalgia, the main deciding factor for which one you're picking up is usually the version exclusives. So far, it appears most people are leaning toward SS (at least based on the Media Create sales out of Japan), but should they be?

In the immortal words of Winston Wolf, let's not start licking SS's "popsicle" just yet. We need to do some math on this. So I'm going to rip off every sports series preview ever and go position by position trying to determine which game you need.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The (2nd) greatest Battle Tower streak in history

Edit: As of January 13/10, this record has already been broken. Youtube video evidence here:

On September 6, a Smogon poster named peterko moved to the top of the board's unofficially official Battle Tower list when he had a streak end at 696 consecutive wins. Immediately after that, he began a new streak that would last over 3 months and came to an end last night... at 2,362 wins.