Thursday, March 25, 2010

Donald and Kozuki vs. Excessive Level Grinding

So I've played through all 16 badges of Heart Gold now and hit a massive roadblock - one that's going to require either more grinding that should be allowed by law, or me busting out my Action Replay for an emergency supply of Rare Candies.

The situation? I'm going to get slaughtered by Red if my party holds as it is.

Kallen (my character)'s team is as follows:

Butterfree (Rakshata): Bug Buzz, Psybeam, Gust, Sleep Powder
Utility, sleeper.
Electivire (Akatsuki): Thunderbolt, Thief, Ice Punch, Earthquake
Surrogate Electric killer, is going to get me a Light Ball when I eventually fight Red. Currently packing Fire Punch in that slot.
Scizor (Gurren): Bug Bite, Bullet Punch, Rock Smash, Strength
It's a freaking Scizor, with Technician. 'nuff said.
Houndoom (Seiten): Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Thunder Fang, Nasty Plot
Venusaur killer
Starmie (Gekka): Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, Grass Knot
Fills in holes on the team, beats Charizard and puts a nice dent in Blastoise/Lapras
Hitmonlee (Burai): Hi Jump Kick, Earthquake, Blaze Kick, Rock Climb
Need Rock Climb to get to him, need HELLOJUMPKICK to get rid of Snorlax

The problem is, they're all L56.

Red's LOWEST Pokemon is L80.

I've heard of people beating it from 20+ levels down, but even that would take me to L65 and would still take forever.

Let's look at the three ways I could pull this off:
1) Wild Pokemon. Um, no. The highest leveled Wild Pokemon in the game are in the Unknown Dungeon or Mt. Silver, and those top out at L50.

2) The VS Seek... oh, wait, they ditched that in favour of the PokeGear. OK, that's fine, I can call up trainers and beat around level 50+ trained Pokemon. And the Gym Leaders can get rematches... but for the fact that you have to call them at very specific times in order to do it, which means buggering around with the DS clock since I work for a living and can't exactly whip out the DS while I'm talking to someone on the phone.

I'd like to think that this is some sort of ploy to sell DSi, for all you have to do is jump back to the main screen, switch the clock, and reboot the game. Where I have a DS Lite, I have to reboot the game twice for a simple change of the time, and to get all of the trainers and Gym Leaders I'd have to do it 21 times.

3) Grind the Elite 4. Probably the easiest to work with, but there'd still be some 1 or 2 involved since I'm not even ready to fight Will v2 yet. And even then, it'd be approximately 1 level per Pokemon per Elite 4 run so... 20 runs? It's not like I have Lucky Eggs to work with, I still haven't had a fat egg swarm yet.

Of course, if they had coded things properly so that Red was at a reasonable level, instead of having to jack up the rat so it gets the "highest leveled Pokemon held by a trainer" crown back from Barry, this wouldn't be a problem now would it? This has become my biggest beef with the game, inasmuch as I'd like to get my hands on the full game's content including the two bonus starters and the Groudon/Kyogre quest. But not when it's going to run the game clock over 100 hours when I haven't even sniffed the Battle Tower yet.

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