Sunday, January 30, 2011

English Name Awards

Alternate title: "Internet Throhs Party As Nintendo Lawyers Fail To Put A Sawk In It"

Before we get onto name theory, there's something I forgot for my Gray requests, so we'll call it #8:
All elemental stones available for purchase in a shop during the game.
This is pretty much the only thing Red/Blue got right - having the element stones available during the game is a Pokedex completionist's dream, and there was a tease for it in Black City at grossly inflated prices. Maybe put them in the 5th badge city next to the guy who sells the bitter medicines.

As more and more of the English names get confirmed by outlets such as Nintendo Power and IGN, it's becoming more obvious that the image I linked in the last post is the nearly-full list of localized Pokemon names. The only thing we don't have is the event legends, and those will probably be found by March 8 and not released until next year anyway.

And lemme tell ya, there are some real winners in this bunch.

The Fogarty Trophy (best case of self-plagiarism): To Woobat/Swoobat, as if they needed another reason to be referred to as expies of the Zubat family, the damn names even rhyme. When they reboot again in Gen 9, can we get some Vamphire action in this joint?

The Stalag 13 Cup (best tribute to Hogan's Heroes): To Klink, who is perfectly named as both the aforementioned Colonel and the Pokemon know nothing. NOTHING.

The Supersonic Memorial Trophy (most obvious theme team ever started): Durant, who will definitely get the ball inside of 2 minutes on the inevitable basketball theme team. Though I wonder if white Hitmonlee can jump.

The Darwin Award (worst names for an entire evolution family): Tie between the mushrooms (Foongus and Amoongus) and the new Fighting family (Timburr, GurDURR and ConkleDURR). One is the most obvious lame pun in history and clearly written by the anime writers, while the other sounds like something Moose Mason would think of.

The Reactin Trophy (most similarity to an allergic reaction): Tie between Axew and Cubchoo. Pass the tissues, please.

The Big Pecks Cup (name that wraps around to brilliant): Unfeazant. Not only is it not a pheasant, but you'll have an unpleasant time using it. Honorable mention to Purrloin (it's a Dark cat that learns Thief and steals experience from other, usable Pokemon).

The Colbert Reward (name the Internet called a long time ago): Emboar for Tepig's final evolution. Though most people called it for a prior form...

The Don't Have A Cow Cup (most likely to be seen on a t-shirt): "Fuck you, I'm a Heatmor".

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