Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unleash the leaks

List update: Got 5 of 16, and should be able to get Other M pre-ordered for my birthday. DQIX comes in on Friday.

Before diving into the latest revelations from this month's CoroCoro, I need to say this about the drama that broke out over the weekend after Pokebeach posted a couple of preview pics for Black/White from the latest movie:

1) Consider your source for a minute about the arrest threats (yes, there were arrest threats). The source is 2ch. As a rule, 2ch and all descendants where Anonymous hang out (read: 4chan) should be taken with an entire desert of salt.

2) The sites that ripped Pokebeach's admin WPM for posting pics (Bulbanews and to a lesser extent, Serebii) are the same ones who posted images of the very scans I'm reporting on now, and the latter posts episode summaries (WITH SCREENSHOTS ZOMG) and magna scans on their sites. I don't know which site posts full DVD-quality videos of the movies as WPM accused, but I don't particularly give a crap. Point is, there's an old line about glass houses that works here.

3) We know the MPAA is scared shitless of people pulling out cameras (see the story of the woman jailed for daring to tape the worst movie ever for their own use), but do we know if Japan's film industry has the same reaction? I would think not.

Now, to the leaks.

~ Kibago: Dragon, Rivalry/MOLD BREAKER. Sold. And it looks like Larvitar, so it's inevitably going to learn Earthquake and probably a Fire move. If this is the Gible equivalent, holy **** look out.
~ Koromori: Psychic/Flying, bat, Klutz/Unaware. Something else has Unaware? Be still my heart. And this may mean death to Zubat, in which case this will officially become Game of the Forever.

~ Minezumi: Normal, Keen Eye/Run Away. Rattata equivalent, hope it gets a good evolution.

~ Rankurusu, Psychic, "Dustproof" (all party Pokemon immune to Sandstorm/Hail) or Magic Guard. Sounds like it might be fun to use, and there's more Magic Guard love.

~ Gochiruzeru: Psychic, Frisk, can null all items for 5 turns. A gimmick Pokemon on paper, but probably a good one. I won't use it in game but I'll keep it handy for VGC play.

~ Wargle: Normal/Flying eagle, has the Encourage ability and a 2-turn move that sounds like it may stop the other Pokemon from attacking. The only problem is that it's going to get OHKOed by anything Ursaring does.

~ 3v3 battles (previously leaked). We know from the leak that if you're on the sides, you won't be able to hit the opposite side (if you're on the left, you can't hit the Pokemon on the far right). If you're in the middle, your moves get powered up. Moves and abilities will exist that protect your Pokemon from Surf, Earthquake, etc on your side.

I never really got the hang of doubles, and I'll admit that my first thought for triples was "Ghost, Protector, Explosion". Still hasn't changed based on the revelations, though I'll make sure the Exploder's in the middle.

Here's what I need to figure out - are there going to be moves that only 2 Pokemon, and will you be able to pick them? I'd love to say, take out the two Pokemon on the side while leaving the one in the middle alive for some reason.

~  DSi-exclusive video chat: Given that allowing my face into the game would instantly elevate the game to an M rating due to the sheer horror of it, I'm going to pass. (That and my first camera-enabled DS will be the 3DS.) Local doesn't make sense unless it's some sort of early warning system while you're trading Pokemon. And it's going to mean the games will be region-locked for DSi use, so...

~ Infrared enabled cards for "speedy trading". I hope this doesn't mean that I have to upload stuff from Heart Gold/Soul Silver instead of my main game (Platinum) since as far as I can tell, the DS doesn't support infrared unless it's built into the black cards used for HG/SS and the Pokewalker.

~ The game will support a Dragon Quest IX-style "Tag mode" (called "Passing by"). I don't have any sort of personal experience with these sort of passive modes until I can dig into DQIX this weekend, but if this means a lot of downloadable areas for old Pokemon then bring it on.

~ The uploading of saves works either for a single Pokemon or for online battling, but it requires the evolution of Munna to unlock. Because it's based on dreams. This kills the "Drowzee baby" theory, but also means that the whole Munna family is a gimmick. Yay.

Current Black/White ingame team: Smugleaf, Firepig, Meguruko, Hihidaruma, Kibago, Koromori

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  1. Can't really talk about the HGSS stuff since I'm keeping all of that to my video rants. HOWEVER, About the shitstorm...

    Doesn't Bulbagarden have some sort of ties with #PocketMonsters? If they do, there's your answer. #PocketMonsters has a bittorrent tracker where they upload high-quality and HD quality episodes (subbed, mostly), as well as DVD quality subbed movies. That's probably what WPM meant.

    Personally, I'm trying to stay away from the Serebii\Bulbagarden chatter right now. Overhyping communities kill games for me, like with HGSS.


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