Monday, January 11, 2010

Wheel of morality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.

"Played Pokemon with my bro yesterday - his Pokemon were stolen from the Emerald Battle Frontier, yet he called me cheap for using Garchomp
Around Christmas time, I had a chance to battle live with my brother for the first time since he moved across the country. The rules were standard 3v3, and my team was Tyranitar, Scizor and Garchomp - he used a bunch of Pokemon that thanks to the AR, he was able to steal from the Emerald Battle Factory and ran up to Platinum.

There were two battles, one of which was a Scizor kill that he pulled a GreenPikachu on (pulled the plug at the last kill so I couldn't upload it). So let's deal with the first one - here's how it went.

I lead Tyranitar, he leads Whiscash.
Sandstream kicks in.

I switched in Garchomp, Whiscash Earthquakes for light damage. Garchomp Subbed in the face of a Rock Slide (probable misclick), then Swords Danced and dodged the Earthquake by Sand Veil. He switched in Armaldo who got Outraged to death. Donald 3, brother 2

Miltank comes in, gets Outraged, becomes fine hamburger. Donald 3, brother 1

Whiscash back in, Garchomp now confused. Garchomp kicks himself in the crotch and the Sub gets broken with an Earthquake, but a second Outrage connects and that's the ballgame. Donald 3, brother 0.


So here's the thing: If you're going by commonly held competitive logic, I was the cheapass here. After all, I abused "hax" (Sand Veil), used a Garchomp and pulled 3 top-OU Pokemon against what amounts to a team of UU Pokemon.

But I don't even know if my brother's even been to Smogon. (Michael, if you read this, lemme know.) I don't know if he gives a crap about tiers and all the stuff the Stop Having Fun crowd uses. And considering the only rule we set out were 3v3 I could've pulled out the Spore Ninjask and he probably wouldn't have complained.

But I didn't resort to using an outside device to steal AI Pokemon from the frakking Battle Frontier for my team.

Who's the cheapass? The guy who plays to win within the rules, or the guy who plays like Eddie Guerrero?

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  1. Not Anonymous it your bro, no don't use smogon and don't really even battle outside the game, more of a collector then battler.


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